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I've been so rubbish with my blog since I came to uni! I have been going out a lot and today i just wanted to share with you, one of my outfits. I got bored of all the winter outfits... tights, cardigan and dark colours... so I have decided to wear somethings a little bit different, something that would definitely stand out! So I came up with this outfit of very muted pinks and blues and nude wedges. Ok since it is winter after all, I put a shirt on top of my outfit to wear it like a jacket/cardigan. It is one of my favourite looks at the moment... and of cause nothing beats wedges!! I just can't seem to stop wearing them, they are so much more comfortable than heels and look good too! Let me know what you think of my outfit!


marama said...

Great outfit. Love your shirt =)


Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute outfit

chelsea.jade said...

Cute outfit, i love the crop top :)

JuliaJuliaJulia said...

you look like taylor momsen in these!!

(im sure you get that a lot, though)

Daisy1990 said...

Great outfit! Love the wedges and the cropped top!

Jess said...

love the outfit especially the wedges


lolita said...

I love your outfit your shoes are gorgeous x


Beauty Follower said...

Great jacket!