What do we really think? - Hunters

Hey. I was just looking through photos of me and my friends, and I have come across a very interesting fact; everybody owns a pair of Hunters. In the recent years Hunters have not only become the ultimate festival trend, but also a casual footwear phenomena amongst many, including celebrities. It is a rare occasion to see somebody wearing ordinary wellington boots casually, on a dry day, however Hunters can be spotted anywhere and at anytime of the year. So, what makes us chose Hunters over any other type of wellington boots? Is it the design? the brand? or the popularity amongst the celebrities? Don't get me wrong, I have a pair myself and not a cheap one, but after having them for 2 years and only wearing them a few times, I've really began to question whether they are worth the money? 
I am really interested to hear your opinions on the matter? Can we really make a fashion trend out of something so simple and inelegant? Comment bellow and let me know what you think... :)


OOTD - Embracing the forthcoming Spring

Hey :) It was so exciting to finally see more muted and pale pallets for the Summer/Spring collection after a season of acid colours. I know we only just mid way through the winter, but I decided to give this trend a go. Don't get me wrong, I loved the high contrast colours and colour blocking that we saw on the cat walk last season, but I think it's nice to see more delicate and subtle garments. This particular outfit is centred around my vintage shirt that I got from Cow a while back. Its very delicate in both texture and colour, and I just love how it can make the entire outfit stand out, without screaming "look at me!".


Sunday Cocktails VS Healthy Eating

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely weekend and whats a better way to finish a week off, than a yummy roast and some cocktails!? Sounds good eh? But university life has already caused me to put on a stone and if I carry on this way surely it won't be long until I can't fit into any of my clothes! So, I have decided to start eating healthy and exercising. I have recently discovered a product called "Graze Box" and LOVED the idea. It's a little box that you receive in the post twice a week and the best thing about it, is that you can completely customise what you get. So if you are just like me attempting to stay healthy, than check it out. To get you first graze box for free enter 7CFNY1ND and you will also get your second one half price. They are super yummy and super healthy.

So today wasn't particularly healthy but I had a really nice night with my friends. We had a few cocktails, which were absolutely delicious, and a nice roast (with a few cheeky desserts). I think it is important to have at least one day a week when you let yourself go and enjoy your food if you are attempting to lose weight or stay healthy. I am not going to lie.. it is very hard to stay healthy at uni as alcohol and take aways become and everyday norm, but I am trying my best. I've learned that if I exclude certain types of food from my diet the cravings get so bad that I give up and end up eating loads of it. So lets be healthy, but don't forget to enjoy yourself once in a while ;)

A cocktail in a metal mug, yum


Adding a bit of COLOUR- OOTD

                   New Year, New Hair, New Blog Posts
It has been a while, but I am back! In the new year I will try my hardest to keep more posts coming, but so far I have been very busy with uni and my exams :( But it did not stop me from shopping!!! I have purchased, by far, my MOST
 favourite item 
this year....the red jeans! I can't explain how much I love them! Winter is always very grey and boring and a  bit of colour is exactly what I needed to brighten up my winter wardrobe. I love that you can wear them on a night out, yet they can still look very casual. Also check out my new grey Jeffrey Cambells ;) Comment and share your favourite buy of 2012!

Top-French Connection

Jeans-River Island

Wedges-Koi Couture