Spontaneous fringe crop top DIY

So I've been looking through my closet the other day and found a t-shirt that my friend had got for me from NY. I tried it on and it just didn't look right. I am not a big fan of t-shirts and don't own many, but this one had a very high neck, and very long sleeves. I am one of them people who just hates to have things in my wardrobe that are not being worn. So.. I have decided to alter it and make it into a fringe/ tassel crop top. As i didn't like the actual tailoring I decided to make a deep neck and cut off the sleeves. I then marked a line of how short I wanted to crop the top and I cut many tassels up to the line to make sure they all start at the same point. I then cut the sleeves open at the shoulder point and tied them into two knots. All you need is a pair of fabric scissors and a fabric pen (I've used a light brown brow liner) I am very pleased the result and will be definitely wearing it this summer.. The exact DIY method will be just bellow the pictures. For now..Bye.. Annie

Step 1: Put a t-shirt on inside out and mark a point of how low you want your neck line to be.
Step 2: Mark the point of how short you want your top to be, which is where your tassel will start.
Step 3: Draw a line around your neck line which you will use as a cutting guideline
Step 4: Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the top and a line around your sleeves.
Step 5: Cut following the neck and sleeve lines, and don't forget to cut off the seam line at the right bottom of your t-shirt.
Step 6: Begin to cut tassels up to the line that you have marked earlier.
Step 7: Pull on tassels which will make them curve in and make them longer.
Step 8: Cut the sleeves open at the top following the seam line and tie the two ends into a knot.


Obsessed with shoes much???

Hey Hey :)
Ok so.. you might think I am a little crazy, but in the last month, I have purchased around 20 pairs of shoes... oooops... but I did send 4 pairs back, as they didn't look that good... but anyway... that leaves me with like 16 pairs of shoes that I have kept. You might think that I must be a millionaire, but the secret is "SALE", that, one word changes our perception of prices, and what you couldn't justify buying before, you can now..."its so much cheaper now...its on sale". So yeah I have got my self some good bargains and got some shoes from KG, Carvella, Office and MIU MIU( which are, again justified by the word "sale"). The word sale is like music to my ears, and don't get me wrong, I do buy the full price shoes as well.. but when you buy a sale item you feel like you have fooled the rest of the world who have paid the full price.. and it's a nice feeling :D The last few pairs that have arrived today are all from "Office" and I will happily show you them, and maybe you can check out Office website and get yourself a bargain too ;) So for 5 pairs I have paid £110, and Kurt Gieger boots were £40, where's Miu Miu were a little bit pricey, £180 on sale, but being one of my favourite designers, that price is justified to me :) I have to warn you, they might not be everyone's cup of tea, as its a new trend, wooden platforms/ flatforms. I am going to get on with it and show you them... eeeeek...exciting :)

Top row: Office £15, KG £40, Miu Miu £180 Bottom row all Office £25, £35, £15 £20

Not everyone' cup of tea, as I said, but I love my Miu Miu shoes

Most comfortable leather sandals in the world

Reminded me of the sandals sold in India

Love all the little details.

 Did you like them??? Just to let you know I did buy those shoes with ethics behind it, as, I don't just buy things because they are on sale or because they are really cheap.Unless they are something I really needed or wanted, or I am absolutely in Love with, I don't buy it. So, as I have donated most of my summer sandals to the poor, while in India, I really needed a few new pairs to take on holiday with me. And for boots... I just decided that buying them in the summer sale is a lot cheaper than buying them in winter... and maybe I wont be wearing them yet(mind you I am unsure looking at the current weather), they will deffinately come handy when the weather gets a lot colderMiu Miu shoe can be justified as 1. They are Miu Miu 2.They are Miu Miu 3. They are Miu Miu... and ofcause trying out a new trend... Oh yeah and the heels? I just buy them all the time, as you just can't have enough of them, especialy if you party as much as I do;)(My ethics)
My little tip to you is, buy your shoes systematically, don't just throw your money out! Try to justify... Otherwise u'll regret them or never wear them becauses, you didn't actualy need them and you din't love them that much... so they just sit in your wordrobe looking pretty.... For now Goodbye... Annie


Fashion comes from Asia?

Hello.. (back to my India story)
India is absolutely amazing and inspirational when it comes to art, crafts and fashion. It is completely different to western ideas of beauty and fashion, and the contrast between the east and the west is what makes the experience so unique and amazing. Many of us do not even realise how much influence the eastern world have on us. India had a big impact on British world during 18th and 19th centuries and it has definitely left its footprints. I am not talking about Indian food or growing interest for Bollywood movies... but clothing items that we love, and think of as our own. Pashmina??? Shawl??? Surely we have all heard of them before?? A real pashmina in India is about £3, with an amazing print and very good quality, yet we charge around £15-20 in our high street shops and the quality is often questionable. So I have taken an advantage of that and has brought a few with some gorgeous prints J. Anyway... What I am trying to say is that there are so many things that have history behind them, and a lot of cultural meaning, yet we often do not even realise. All the beautiful summer prints, light weight summer cover-ups and jewel and metal encrusted flip flops are all echoes of Indian shawls, saris and heavily decorated sandals. Jewellery certainly plays a big role in Indian society. Nose studs, big earrings and arm of bangles have been an obvious influence... soo I have bought a few bracelets, which reminded me of Jewellery that you would often see in “All Saints”, with a very rusty, ragged and vintage look to it. I have brought many things back, but those particular ones were definitely my favourite....
1 ruppee coin ring :)
3 Bracelets, 1 ring, 2 ancklets.

Beautifully handcrafted

Cushion cost me £2 :)

 But hey.. India is deffinately not the only asian country we get our influence from.. What about China? I mean common.. everything is made in China?? But appart from that, there are soo many Chinese designers?? Chinese traditional dress have influenced both luxury and high street fashion designers... And in 2010 and 2011 such designers as Cartier, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton introduced an oriental twist to their collections ;)
Africccccca... Yay... It's deffinately my favourite, with its furs, leathers, animal prints, wooden bangles, safari nudes and beiges, bold colours and ofcause chunky beads :)The animal print has been one of the biggest fashion trends in the past 50 years, first introduced in the 40s and until this minute that I am writing this its still one of the biggest trends ( not complaining) I love leopard print, I just think the colour is so warm and beautiful, and i just want to cuddle it (wierd). Africa brings warmth and summer to our western culture and in my opinion it will deffinately stay an influence.
There are soo many more.... Like the aztec prints, japanese kimono, Middles eastern Harem pants, Napali kurtas (tunics) and many more... Look at your wordrobe and you will see the coulours of the world... just have a look... a good look.... Goodbye for now... Annie


Many colours of India

Hello ♥  Namaste
Ok, so, this is my first ever blog and I've decided to share my amazing India experience with you. It has been a very wonderful, overwhelming, inspirational and eye opening experience and I hope those pictures will give you an insight into the heart of India.
I have spent a whole month there doing different things. I volunteered, explored, rented out a moped (nearly crashed), hiked and sunbathed. So much has happened to me during the trip, that I could be here all day writing this. But the highlight of my trip was deffinately meeting the most amazing people from all over the world and making some friends for life. I have also met many local people that were soo happy and appriciative of everyday life, that it made me realise, that there are so many things that we take for granteed, like: food, hot water, drinking water, education, latest technologies and simply our freedom to be who ever we want and do what ever we want! I have really reviewed my entire life, to come up with the conclusion, that I am going to make the most of what was given to me by God (or mum, for non religious), and become who I want to be, as I have the freedom and the opportunities to do so. 
On the fashion note♪... 
India has inspired me so much with its amazing bright colours, hot weather, beautiful jewlery and clothes, that I have decided to do a fashion blog to share my passion with you. And in my next blog i will post the pictures of some amazing things I have brought in India... I promise... But for now goodbye... Annie