Obsessed with shoes much???

Hey Hey :)
Ok so.. you might think I am a little crazy, but in the last month, I have purchased around 20 pairs of shoes... oooops... but I did send 4 pairs back, as they didn't look that good... but anyway... that leaves me with like 16 pairs of shoes that I have kept. You might think that I must be a millionaire, but the secret is "SALE", that, one word changes our perception of prices, and what you couldn't justify buying before, you can now..."its so much cheaper now...its on sale". So yeah I have got my self some good bargains and got some shoes from KG, Carvella, Office and MIU MIU( which are, again justified by the word "sale"). The word sale is like music to my ears, and don't get me wrong, I do buy the full price shoes as well.. but when you buy a sale item you feel like you have fooled the rest of the world who have paid the full price.. and it's a nice feeling :D The last few pairs that have arrived today are all from "Office" and I will happily show you them, and maybe you can check out Office website and get yourself a bargain too ;) So for 5 pairs I have paid £110, and Kurt Gieger boots were £40, where's Miu Miu were a little bit pricey, £180 on sale, but being one of my favourite designers, that price is justified to me :) I have to warn you, they might not be everyone's cup of tea, as its a new trend, wooden platforms/ flatforms. I am going to get on with it and show you them... eeeeek...exciting :)

Top row: Office £15, KG £40, Miu Miu £180 Bottom row all Office £25, £35, £15 £20

Not everyone' cup of tea, as I said, but I love my Miu Miu shoes

Most comfortable leather sandals in the world

Reminded me of the sandals sold in India

Love all the little details.

 Did you like them??? Just to let you know I did buy those shoes with ethics behind it, as, I don't just buy things because they are on sale or because they are really cheap.Unless they are something I really needed or wanted, or I am absolutely in Love with, I don't buy it. So, as I have donated most of my summer sandals to the poor, while in India, I really needed a few new pairs to take on holiday with me. And for boots... I just decided that buying them in the summer sale is a lot cheaper than buying them in winter... and maybe I wont be wearing them yet(mind you I am unsure looking at the current weather), they will deffinately come handy when the weather gets a lot colderMiu Miu shoe can be justified as 1. They are Miu Miu 2.They are Miu Miu 3. They are Miu Miu... and ofcause trying out a new trend... Oh yeah and the heels? I just buy them all the time, as you just can't have enough of them, especialy if you party as much as I do;)(My ethics)
My little tip to you is, buy your shoes systematically, don't just throw your money out! Try to justify... Otherwise u'll regret them or never wear them becauses, you didn't actualy need them and you din't love them that much... so they just sit in your wordrobe looking pretty.... For now Goodbye... Annie


♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Wow, that's a lot of shoes to purchase in a month, love them!!

Sadie x


uhooi said...

It's high heels are very nice and cool,,


kirstyb said...

wow so jealous - love shoes xxxx

Sophie said...

I wish I had the money to afford that many a month... I did however count how many I had altogether the other day, still not enough!


Casual Chic said...

i am a shoe addict to haha...
woman can't have enough shoes and bags ;)


marama said...

Hi from Macedonia =) You have beautiful shoes, I love shoes. Thanks for the comment. Would you like to follow each other? <3


Anonymous said...

the miu mius are amazing!! great buy!!


Marissa Joy said...

Amazing shoes! I love those gray booties!


major said...

you beat me on my shoes purchases lol BUT THEY ARE GREAT!!! Sale can change everything.. love your purchases as well



Nicola said...

i utterly approve of the miu miu mate!!

Anonymous said...

WOW love this collection! :) x


stefani said...

the miraculous footwear!!!
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