Many colours of India

Hello ♥  Namaste
Ok, so, this is my first ever blog and I've decided to share my amazing India experience with you. It has been a very wonderful, overwhelming, inspirational and eye opening experience and I hope those pictures will give you an insight into the heart of India.
I have spent a whole month there doing different things. I volunteered, explored, rented out a moped (nearly crashed), hiked and sunbathed. So much has happened to me during the trip, that I could be here all day writing this. But the highlight of my trip was deffinately meeting the most amazing people from all over the world and making some friends for life. I have also met many local people that were soo happy and appriciative of everyday life, that it made me realise, that there are so many things that we take for granteed, like: food, hot water, drinking water, education, latest technologies and simply our freedom to be who ever we want and do what ever we want! I have really reviewed my entire life, to come up with the conclusion, that I am going to make the most of what was given to me by God (or mum, for non religious), and become who I want to be, as I have the freedom and the opportunities to do so. 
On the fashion note♪... 
India has inspired me so much with its amazing bright colours, hot weather, beautiful jewlery and clothes, that I have decided to do a fashion blog to share my passion with you. And in my next blog i will post the pictures of some amazing things I have brought in India... I promise... But for now goodbye... Annie

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