Fashion comes from Asia?

Hello.. (back to my India story)
India is absolutely amazing and inspirational when it comes to art, crafts and fashion. It is completely different to western ideas of beauty and fashion, and the contrast between the east and the west is what makes the experience so unique and amazing. Many of us do not even realise how much influence the eastern world have on us. India had a big impact on British world during 18th and 19th centuries and it has definitely left its footprints. I am not talking about Indian food or growing interest for Bollywood movies... but clothing items that we love, and think of as our own. Pashmina??? Shawl??? Surely we have all heard of them before?? A real pashmina in India is about £3, with an amazing print and very good quality, yet we charge around £15-20 in our high street shops and the quality is often questionable. So I have taken an advantage of that and has brought a few with some gorgeous prints J. Anyway... What I am trying to say is that there are so many things that have history behind them, and a lot of cultural meaning, yet we often do not even realise. All the beautiful summer prints, light weight summer cover-ups and jewel and metal encrusted flip flops are all echoes of Indian shawls, saris and heavily decorated sandals. Jewellery certainly plays a big role in Indian society. Nose studs, big earrings and arm of bangles have been an obvious influence... soo I have bought a few bracelets, which reminded me of Jewellery that you would often see in “All Saints”, with a very rusty, ragged and vintage look to it. I have brought many things back, but those particular ones were definitely my favourite....
1 ruppee coin ring :)
3 Bracelets, 1 ring, 2 ancklets.

Beautifully handcrafted

Cushion cost me £2 :)

 But hey.. India is deffinately not the only asian country we get our influence from.. What about China? I mean common.. everything is made in China?? But appart from that, there are soo many Chinese designers?? Chinese traditional dress have influenced both luxury and high street fashion designers... And in 2010 and 2011 such designers as Cartier, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton introduced an oriental twist to their collections ;)
Africccccca... Yay... It's deffinately my favourite, with its furs, leathers, animal prints, wooden bangles, safari nudes and beiges, bold colours and ofcause chunky beads :)The animal print has been one of the biggest fashion trends in the past 50 years, first introduced in the 40s and until this minute that I am writing this its still one of the biggest trends ( not complaining) I love leopard print, I just think the colour is so warm and beautiful, and i just want to cuddle it (wierd). Africa brings warmth and summer to our western culture and in my opinion it will deffinately stay an influence.
There are soo many more.... Like the aztec prints, japanese kimono, Middles eastern Harem pants, Napali kurtas (tunics) and many more... Look at your wordrobe and you will see the coulours of the world... just have a look... a good look.... Goodbye for now... Annie

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