Spontaneous fringe crop top DIY

So I've been looking through my closet the other day and found a t-shirt that my friend had got for me from NY. I tried it on and it just didn't look right. I am not a big fan of t-shirts and don't own many, but this one had a very high neck, and very long sleeves. I am one of them people who just hates to have things in my wardrobe that are not being worn. So.. I have decided to alter it and make it into a fringe/ tassel crop top. As i didn't like the actual tailoring I decided to make a deep neck and cut off the sleeves. I then marked a line of how short I wanted to crop the top and I cut many tassels up to the line to make sure they all start at the same point. I then cut the sleeves open at the shoulder point and tied them into two knots. All you need is a pair of fabric scissors and a fabric pen (I've used a light brown brow liner) I am very pleased the result and will be definitely wearing it this summer.. The exact DIY method will be just bellow the pictures. For now..Bye.. Annie

Step 1: Put a t-shirt on inside out and mark a point of how low you want your neck line to be.
Step 2: Mark the point of how short you want your top to be, which is where your tassel will start.
Step 3: Draw a line around your neck line which you will use as a cutting guideline
Step 4: Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the top and a line around your sleeves.
Step 5: Cut following the neck and sleeve lines, and don't forget to cut off the seam line at the right bottom of your t-shirt.
Step 6: Begin to cut tassels up to the line that you have marked earlier.
Step 7: Pull on tassels which will make them curve in and make them longer.
Step 8: Cut the sleeves open at the top following the seam line and tie the two ends into a knot.


Ask Erena said...

Such a cute look! Love it!
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Sassi said...

wow, that's an amazing idea! looks perfect.

Catanya said...

Oh my! What an amazing project!!
I must definitely try this, the T-shirt now looks so gorgeous!
I am loving it!
XOXO from a new follower here,

goodbadnfab said...

Your pictures look amazing!

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Bonjour Beaut said...

I have that tee ! It's so boring but I can't bring myself to make the first cut . I love raw edge !

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P.s Your blogs cute .