My 21st Birthday in Amsterdam

Hey Everyone...
The 21st Birthday is certainly one of the biggest milestones in life, a big step into adulthood and the world of responsibilities. I wanted to make my 21st very special, and I have definitely achieved that. I can't say I have become more wiser or mature since turning 21, but I have definitely learnt that I have the most amazing friends in the world. The most important ingredient to a good birthday are your friends, and when you end up celebrating it in the city of red lights... well, it is simply the icing on the cake. I've had the most amazing weekend in Amsterdam, with 12 of my lovely girls, which have made my birthday very special. It's a shame that we only had 2 days to explore, but we managed to make our weekend as compact and as fun as possible. 
Me and my Dutch friend Sandra
There are many reasons to why I have chose to celebrate my birthday in Amsterdam. It is absolutely unique and beautiful. Being there gives you this weird feeling on invincibility and freedom. Your ethics and morals are questioned, and what you previously though wrong, becomes right. It's a brilliant city with a lot to do and a lot to see, so I would definitely recommend it. 
The clubbing scene is also brilliant. One of the clubs that we ended up going to is called "Studio 80", which is one of the best house/techno clubs in Dam. It wasn't cheap, but it was definitely worth it. Amsterdam does offer a lot of student bars/clubs also, so even if you are on a budget you are still guaranteed to have a good time.


Blazer - Next

Top - River Island

Trousers - Zara

Boots - TopShop

Bag - Hobbs

21st has to be celebrated with Tequila 

My Birthday Outfit


Joanne said...

Happy birthday! Thank your for the sweet comment on my blog! :) Now following you. :)

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Happy birthday :)
I suppose you had a perfect birthday party!

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PS: and what is your name in English then?

Anonymous said...

oh wow what an amazing birthday you had!

happy birthday to you!

thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)

Claire said...

Happy birthday :) Amsterdam's an amazing place and I love your outfits :)

bear cat blogger said...

cute blog!
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I hope you had a lovely birthday!
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Claudia xxx

Deanna said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you had such an amazing time, love all your outfits! x

Bea said...

lovely outfit, you're really pretty!


Tiana said...

Happy 21st! Thats so exciting :) you are absolutely stunning and it looks like you had a great time!

thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments -- you're a doll!

have a good rest of your weekend <3
tiana of l'esthetique

Devina said...

Glad you liked amsterdam! Love the outfits :) x

Squared said...

happy birthday! I'm jealous! looks like you had so much fun:D very cool!

Sandra said...

really like both outfits and happy birthday girl! :)


kathy said...

happy birthday!
looks like you had an amazing night :)

Stella said...

Happy Birthday! :) sounds like you had a fabby time! x

Shannon Marie said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous time :) xx

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Such a beautiful birthday girl! My best wishes to you gorgeous! :)

ps your outfit was perfect and so contemporary! ;)

mirel said...

great post! love your blog an following you:) follow me back? kiss


mirel said...

great post! love your blog an following you:) follow me back? kiss


mirel said...

great post! love your blog an following you:) follow me back? kiss


Audrey Leighton said...

Happy birthday, looks like such fun!
You look amazing, love the outfits!
Be Frassy

Diamond Solitaire said...

happy birthday!! such a cute photo of you opening your card :)

shyz xx


Suvarna Gold said...

thx pretty girl

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Nicolette said...

awesome photos! looks like fun :) I love the zara trousers with the burgundy blazer- great look!


sarah rebecca said...

Happy birthday! :)
Wow, you are sooo beautiful :) Great pictures x ♥

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Happy birthday

Amanda {feast.fashion.faves} said...

what a seriously amazing time you had!!! love all of the snapshots from your birthday!


Emma said...

I LOVE your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I am your newest follower.
: )

czech foreigner said...

love photos!!!

Huda said...

Lovely outfit! And I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam. Enjoy being 21.

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

pretty! happy birthday! xx


Second Hand Rose said...

Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had an amazing time! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.com/

christian said...

Hope you had lot's of fun!


SadeeStyle said...

happy birthday honey
very nice blog im following you follow back please
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Kerry said...

Love that you went to Amsterdam for your 21st! I went for NYE and it was amaazzzing so I know you would of had a good time! x

Mr.Gugu Miss Go said...

Nice trousers ;-)


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absolutely love your style and your blog!
the zara trousers look amazing with the bright pink blazer.

I'm now following your blog!


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love your blog!
the photos aree cool and love your outfit :)
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