Dior Mascara Review - Dior New Look Vs. Dior Iconic

I have been using Dior products for many years now and I have never though twice about it. I realise that the price of a mascara really makes a different and many are afraid to spend money and be disappointed. So, I have decided to do this review for those who are considering trying out Dior mascara, just so they can have a little insight into it's quality. I realise that the range of the mascaras offered by Dior is so big, that often you just don't know which one to go for. The good thing about the designer mascara is that there is always a makeup specialist in the shop who is happy to help you pick out the right one for you and let you try it on.

The two mascaras I have chose are simply the ones in my make up bag at the moment. I have tried few others mascaras in the range and will try and write review on them as well.

Dior NEW LOOK £23

Dior New Look is fairly new and I was eager to buy it as soon as it came out. This mascara was recommended to me as volumizing, that at the same time separates your lashes. It is a completely different shape and size from the rest of the Dior mascaras and it has a very interesting brush (small and narrow bristles at the top and bigger and wider at the bottom). The bristles are made out of hard rubbery material which allows a lot of movement and aids the separation of lashes. 

  • Small bristles allow you to cover even the smallest lashes
  • Separates lashes while volumizing them
  • Creates wet effect for a more dramatic look
  • Only 1 coat is required for a complete coverage
  • Lengthens the lashes with fibres
  • Though not a waterproof mascara, it is extremely difficult to get it off, especially if you applied more than 1 coat
  • Very wet and thick to put on, which makes it difficult to create a wanted look
  • Though it separates some lashes, it still looks quite clumpy and not very natural
  • Dries very slowly and smudges easily
Dior ICONIC  £23

Iconic has been in my makeup bag for as long as I remember. I have never found another mascara that gives you such a dramatic, yet natural look. This mascara is recommended for easy application and a natural looking, separated lashes. The brush is made out of extremely soft rubbery material, with slanted bristles, which allows to apply it to all the eyelashes in one stroke. 

  • Separates lashes perfectly to create a natural look
  • When applying more than one coat it lengthens and volumizes eyelashes, yet leaves them looking natural
  • It dries very quickly and does not smudge during the day
  • The consistency is not too thick which makes application easy and smudge free
  • Not wet which gives a completely natural look
  • No annoying micro fibres and no clumpy lashes
  • The shape of the brush doesn't allow to get the smallest lashes easily
  • For a full volume more than 2 coats are required 
As you can probably tell, I am not the biggest fan of the NEW LOOK mascara. I am a little disappointed as, though with a careful and slow application it does achieve a great look it is not very easy to use. Surely it is a better one to use over ICONIC when you are going for an extreme full volume look, but there are better Dior mascaras on offer that can do the same job easier and quicker. I have nothing bad to say about ICONIC. I am very satisfied with this mascara, hence it has a permanent residence in my make up bag :) If you are going for a natural look, it is simply perfect! It  manages to volumize and lengthen your eyelashes without making them look clumpy (Any girls dream). Please be aware that this review is simply my own opinion with what works best on my lashes. If you have previously used any of these, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments box.
Left- ICONIC                                   Right- NEW LOOK


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