Favourite Summer Buys

It's not easy to decide on the colour of your sneakers, especially when Nike is offering custom colours. I think the reason I went for pink and orange is because I love bright colours. I love colours that are happy and full with energy. They are sure to stand out in the crowd and they actually go well with pretty much everything.
I don't ever go into Primark as I always find it very messy and I rarely see anything I like. Well, thank God for my mum that does! She recently brought me this blazer saying that I should definitely love it because of its mix of bright and pastel colours. She was right! It just looks so quirky and bright, I just cannot wait to wear it and put it into an outfit.
You are not going to believe me, but these gorgeous denim python print shorts were £10 from a Cow Vintage! They are denim and python print at the same time, something I have been obsessing with the whole summer! They are high wasted and look great on for a night out, but so easily can be worn casually! So much love for these! <3


Sophie Elizabeth said...

I would literally kill for those Nike pink high tops! Not even lying!



Sophie Elizabeth said...
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Mariely said...

Great buys! My face are the shorts!!

fashion fumble said...

Those high tops are so cool!


Chelsea Jade said...

Love the bargain shorts! Also my jelly sandals are so comfortable, but I've only worn them with tights. Not sure how they will be with bare feet! xx

kuti said...

waow.. thats really a coool purchased.. cant wait to see you wearing those..i like the blazer and the python denim


Dilan Dilir said...

the blazer looks so cool,it will suit perfectly with the shoes!

HeyLJ said...

Wow, the blazer is really cool!


Natalie Leung said...

I love those shorts, what a great print!

new giveaway!

Abbie said...

Literally LOVIN the Nike High tops xx


Jenna Hughes said...

cute shorts!!


A Possible Fantasy said...

nice purchases! love those shorts!

do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know!
see you around!


nayabloves said...

Your new sneakers are so summer appropriate!

New follower (:


Inga said...

I've been searching for those Nike high tops but they're never in my size :( I love those you have, great colors!♥

TheTinyHeart said...

I love that striped blazer with all the bright colors! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm following now :)

The Tiny Heart

Anonymous said...

love those kicks!!

Hybid Hunter

Olga said...

Great stuff!! Hope you visit my blog!!

cecylia.com said...

oh I'm besotted with those pink nikes!!! Love the colour

Amy Fashion Blog said...

love the blazer

Ashley said...

Fantastic purchases! I love those shoes!! xx

fox hunter said...

erks amazing items! the high waisted snake print shorts are a-mayyy-zingg, a tenner for such a beauty is unbelievable - lucky you! x

Louise said...

Wow you got so much great stuff! I love those floral dresses! xx

Georgia said...

WOW - the nikes are perfect. I've never owned a pair of nikes so maybe nows the time to invest with this trend
It would be mine