An old closet that takes you back in time...



Why have I never done this before? I am talking about raiding my nans closet. OK, maybe not everything that I have found in there was to my taste, but I have definitely found some 90s favourites. The tracksuit jacets both belonged to my grandad, who used to be a sportsman back in the day. The 90s fashion is slowly creeping back in and tracksuit jackets are on the front rails of all the vintage shops. And what's even better about my jackets, is that they wernt just a quirky buy, but a sentimental value and a memory of my grandad. Ok, maybe they are little too big but I am determined to wear them, baggy is in anyway, right? 
Finding my mums "boyfriend jeans" from the 90s wasnt my biggest suprise (makes me giigle thinking of her in them), but their size was. So she tells me she wore them just after giving birth to me. Really? They are like size 4/6 around the waist. I can just fit into the blue pair, which are interestingly branded as "Cougar" on the back, but wearing yellow ones will involve a good 2 days with no food. I am determined to wear them though, at least once, even if its just until I can no longer breathe. 
I shall wear them soon and post some outfit pictures on here, so keep checking out this blog :)


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