Red and Blue vibes...

Colour blocking has been one of the biggest trends this Summer, so I've decided to try out something different. Today I have discovered the beauty of Blue and Red together while doing my nails... so I thought why the hell not try those colours out on my face :) OK, so most of you would only go for bold eyes or bold lips, leaving the other one nude, in order to keep it balanced. I, however decided to experiment with a bit of colour on both features and I think it turned out rather interesting....
Sorry for the iPhone picture quality

 Nail Base colour- BarryM 
Nail Top Coat- BarryM nail effect blue
Eye liner-BarryM Super Soft Crayon Shade:7
Eye Shadow- NYX Palette Ocean blue and Space
Lipstick- Rimmel London 140 Kiss Me
Mascara- Dior Extase


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devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xo

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