Which Rimmel are You??

Recently I have brought a few of really hot Rimmel Nail Polish'. I love all the bold and bright colours so they are mostly red, pink or blue. I love Rimmel varnish, because the new brush makes aplication so easy. Its thick and covers the whole nail in one stroke :) Tonight I am going out with my friends, and I could not decide which nail varnish I wanted to wear tonight!
I wanted my nail varnish to be flirty and bright and go with any outfit, as i still haven't decided on what to wear. I finnally managed to pick one; 325 HOT GOSSIPWhich is not only the perfect colour, but is also a perfect name for a girls night out :)


Bang and Buck said...

awesome photos, love all the colours. big fan of rimmel nails. i don't really wear anything else. currently wearing a dark maroony/purple! goes well with winter.


Bang & Buck

Tascha said...

Thank you for the comment ! :)

I love the blood red colour and the blue polish the most! And i´m so jealous you were in Ibiza!!!